About Jennilee

a picture of Jennilee with short purple hair and a silly grin.

My name is Jennilee, I specialize in digital media such as web design, web development, and digital images. I am a graduate of Parkland College with an A.A.S. in Digital Media (Web Development Track) and I recently graduated from Illinois State University majoring in Information Systems (Web Development Track) and minoring in Business Administration.

My personal philosophy on technology is that technology is a great tool for solving problems of all kinds. The internet has brought us many ways to communicate with people across the world that I have never even imagined while I was growing up. I feel that by really working with a client or employer, I can build a solution to the web or media related problem they need to solve.

Aside from my love of technology, I also love photography and creating digital art. I love to travel, read, and do craft work (jewelry, crochet and knitting) as well.